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My work comes from the most ancient pottery tradition in my country and at the same time from a common object in all cultures, the jar or vase.
During my career as a potter and ceramist my vessels have changed in size and volume, shape and colour,but they have always kept the particularity of being containers, receptacles in which to keep inner thoughts and considerations.

At present, my vessels have remarkably irregular forms, as their shape is engendered capriciously. Change is the only constant movement, and reflection is vital in order to create a new language.

Currently, the most predominant colour in my vases is white. It is obtained by layers of vitrified porcelain and stoneware engobes. The intention is to create a kind of depth that invites the viewer to plunge into the artwork and travel around it. All the while, in the background, there is always some very subtle graphic work, almost like small calligraphy.

At a technical level I have been forced to do research in assembling thrown and coiled pieces with slaps and lumps of clay, as various hand building methods and techniques can be involved in creating just one single vessel. This is the path that I would like to follow and keep investigating.

Exploring and learning from the particularities of clays and researching into creating engobes and glazes; a research which is equally important in my work.